Let’s Go to the Food Park

Anyone who knows me well knows that I refuse to eat the workings of Chef Mic.  If you eat out at chain restaurants, you already know him well.  Rather than stick to the more traditional scratch kitchen, places around the world choose to pre-make and ship their meals.  Order some garlic mashed potatoes? They may…

My Addiction

It all started when I was 14. I was hanging out with some friends on the block, when one of them ask me if I wanted to try crank. “Why not,” I said to him.  I was always a curious kid, back then. I did it a few times and liked how I felt on it….

A Change of Heart

    I was told today that I was a rogue, that I don’t take direction well. I have a vision of where I’m going to be in the next few years and it’s not working for a corporation. The chef I work with was a deciding factor in my next move in this business….

Marinara Sauce: Hold the Baking Soda

I wanted to do a follow up on the whole baking soda incident with the chef. I got to work on Wednesday and I caught him right away. I told him I didn’t feel comfortable putting baking soda in my marinara sauce. First, he tells me, “You know, you don’t know everything about cooking?” Of…

Who the fuck puts baking soda in a marinara sauce?

Today was an interesting day to say the least. I started getting the stuff ready for the Gyros we are serving for lunch along with the sides and I grab the orzo pasta and I’m like ok, I’ll make a Greek orzo pasta. Now keep in mind I’m trying to keep with the theme of Greek food and the chef decides he’s gonna put out roasted red potatoes for me. If there’s one thing I hate more is when someone starts fucking with the food I’m preparing, so I rolled my eyes at him and man that set him off and he hits me in the arm and says “Why do you always do that to me”? I instantly start laughing at him.