Who the fuck puts baking soda in a marinara sauce?

Today was an interesting day to say the least. I started getting the stuff ready for the Gyros we are serving for lunch along with the sides and I grab the orzo pasta and I’m like ok, I’ll make a Greek orzo pasta. Now keep in mind I’m trying to keep with the theme of Greek food and the chef decides he’s gonna put out roasted red potatoes for me. If there’s one thing I hate more is when someone starts fucking with the food I’m preparing, so I rolled my eyes at him and man that set him off and he hits me in the arm and says “Why do you always do that to me”? I instantly start laughing at him.



I go on with my day and later we start talking about what we’re cooking for the next day. So, I ask him if we have any tomato paste. He asks me “why”? I tell him “I’m going to sauté off my shallots and garlic then add the tomato paste and cook that off before I add my red wine, because I’ve found that the tomato paste adds some depth to the marinara” and he looks at me and says to me “I have some baking powder that we can add to it”. I stopped dead in my tracks cocked my head to the side and said “What”? I must admit he left me speechless.


I didn’t want to get into a debate with him about it so I turned around, put my hands up, said to him “it’s your kitchen” and walked out.


So, I ask, what is baking soda? (Sodium bicarbonate) It is a manmade product. It’s manufactured with ammonia and carbon dioxide and run through a concentrated solution of chloride. Now I ask you this, would you rather eat a marinara sauce with that shit in there? Or would you want it to be all natural ingredients?


I do understand that it cuts the acidity of the tomatoes, but then so does sugar and if you cook the sauce long enough it will cut the acidity out too. That still doesn’t mean it should be added. I’m all about my food being authentic and natural. Fuck baking soda!


The Hangry Ginger






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  1. avwalters says:

    I understand your resistance, but really, sugar? Aren’t sugar and the chair currently fighting it out to see which is killing more Americans?


    1. You don’t have to use sugar. You can caramelize your onions and add carrots and use the natural sweetness from those ingredients along with cooking the sauce for a couple of hours to balance out the acidity

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      1. avwalters says:

        That’s what I do.

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