My Dad

Hello everyone, I’m Matthew Vogelbacher, the oldest son of Michael Vogelbacher. I would like to tell you a little about my dad. He was born on Dec 24th of 1946 to Maurice and Violet Vogelbacher in Tacoma, Wa. He had five sons, Me, Jeff, Josh, Noah and Jason. He loved the Lord. He was a very God fearing man. He would always tell me to trust in Jesus for he is the light at the end of the tunnel. I think of Job when I think of my dad, because my dad went through so much stuff and he never blamed God for his problems, in fact my dad grew closer to God. He made sure all us boys and his grandchildren were all baptized. In fact, one was baptized today in his honor. Lily Vogelbacher

When he was a child he danced on a TV show and man did he love to dance. He loved to do wood working and really loved to play golf. He loved to vacation in Port Aransas with my brothers Jeff and Noah and their families. He could talk your ear off about any subject. He’d spend hours talking to Josh on the phone. He spent a lot of time taking Jason to his baseball games. He loved coaching baseball and eventually he became the VP of the minor little leagues in Red Bluff, Ca.

But when it really came down to it he loved to be around his family and friends the most. I have always been the rebel of all us brothers. My dad knew this and because of that he was always harder on me than he was on my other brothers. Even throughout all the crap I put him and my mother through he still loved me and tried to make sure I stayed on the right path. Up until the day he died he still stressed to me the importance of God being in my life.

My dad loved all of us boys and made sure he told everyone about us and our accomplishments. He loved his grandchildren and all of our other family members. Paul Calais, he always talked highly of you. He made it a point to try and be a part of our lives. He was never absent, didn’t call in sick and he was there for us whenever he could be there. Anyone who really knew him knows the man I speak of today. He may have had some bad days where he was grumpy, but who doesn’t have those days. He was a great son, father, grandfather and friend a person could ever ask for and it was an honor to be in his presence and to be his son. I love you Dad. May you finally rest in peace.

The Hangry Ginger


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